2020-03-27, Fr, OP Black Garden 2 @3CB 20:30 (19:30 British Time)

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    Fortsetzung der Mission vom 28.02.

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    The conflict in the Balkans has escalated over the past few months, to the point where NATO forces are being deployed against a communist-backed conscript army. The communist army holds over half of the country with the opposing government forces relying entirely on NATO for their existence.

    Intelligence reports coupled with satellite and drone photography show a steady buildup of manpower and resources. A large push to seize control of the entire country is anticipated by the communists within the week.

    3 Commando Brigade have been deployed into a heavily forested region, to conduct a raid on enemy supplies and infrastructure. By conducting a series of such raids, the hope is to destabilise the upcoming offensive.


    1 Troop, 3CB, are to conduct a search and destroy mission to deny the enemy both fuel and munitions in their upcoming offensive.

    Part 1, saw 1 Troop probe the enemy's Eastern flank, before becoming involved in a sustained firefight, where they neutralised several enemy sections before destroying an ammo dump

    In a brief lull in the fighting, 1 Troop were able to secure an airborne resupply.

    Part 2, now sees a resupplied 1 Troop continue their mission sweeping North West deep into enemy lines.


    • Destroy all fuel depots
    • Destroy all ammo dumps

    Destroying more than 50% of enemy supplies is considered a win condition

    Local Assets

    Attachments - 81 mm mortar battery

    The mortar team will have 1 x Land Rover, no other vehicles are available.


    Supplies are limited so all bergens have been heavily packed.

    Mortars have 300 rounds of mixed ammo available.

    Limited supplies may be retrieved from enemy bunkers and ammo dumps




    Bild Text
    Zoom in (real dimensions: 1008 x 1010)Image
    Fig.1 AO showing patrol area (hashed) and main enemy lines (solid), along with 1 Troop's line of advance during Part 1

    Friendly Forces

    No other friendly forces are expected in the AO

    Enemy Forces

    The communist-backed forces are a conscript army supplied with Russian equipment, consisting mainly of infantry units.

    Limited intelligence reports reveal:

    • Motorised support vehicles (typically unarmed or lightly armed soft skins)
    • Limited light armour (nothing heavier than a BMP has been reported)
    • Artillery or mortars (with sound and flash ranging)
    • Static weapons, such as SPG-9's and HMGs

    Enemy forces consider NATO to be hostile, so will engage on sight.

    Enemy forces have deployed patrols in the area of the map marked in hashed red. The main lines and the location of the supplies is marked in solid red

    IED/mine threat



    This is a remote region, but it is nonetheless inhabited.
    Civilians are considered neutral.


    07:30 (sunrise was at 05:30)


    Sunny spells, no rain

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  • Adler

    wie läuft das bei denen: bilden wir ein eigenes ft oder werden wir auf 3cb-teams aufgeteilt?

  • Adler

    @thimotius mit etwas Glück letzteres. Bei denen kann man viel lernen/abschauen. Beim letzten mal waren wir so wenig, dass wir bei denen eingegliedert wurden. Wenn sich bei uns noch ein paar anmelden, kann ich mir aber auch vorstellen, dass wir ein eigenes FT bekommen

  • Adler

    Um wieviel Uhr wollen wir uns im ts treffen?

  • Adler AD

    This post is deleted!

  • Adler

    @Adler @Anwärter @Stammspieler @Gastspieler
    Also heute Abend 20:15 auf dem 3CB TS:

    Wir werden in 2er Teams aufgeteilt und in die 3CB Teams gepackt.
    Ein Dänischer Clan ist auch dabei, wir sind also so ca. 50 Man.

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