OFCRA presentation (for TvT events)

  • Hello, I'm Marez from the Ofcra group, we are PvP based team and we wanted to contact you to play along with us in some TvT events. Hoping we will meet you soon for an event.

  • Adler

    Thanks for joining our forum, Marez. It's been a pleasure talking to you and I'm looking forward to our cooperation.

  • Führung

    Welcome Marez! :+1:

    Everyone knowing enough french can take a look here:

  • Adler

    While Marez is preparing detailed information about his project, I'd like to give our members a brief overview of our discussion:

    OFCRA ist eine französische TvT-Truppe. Marez hat früher bei ARC mitgespielt und er hat Kontakte zu 3CB. So hat er von uns gehört. Er möchte gern international spielen und lädt uns dazu ein.

    Eckdaten zum Projekt:

    • TvT 57vs 57
    • Addons unter anderem: ACE, TFAR, RHS
    • Es spielen USA gegen
      Russland. Welche Fraktion wir übernehmen sollen, steht noch nicht fest.
    • Wir machen Reklame auf ArmAWorld, um unsere Mannschaft vollzukriegen, wenn die ausführlichen Infos vorliegen.
    • Geplanter Termin: Mitte Juni
    • Kein Respawn
    • Feste Loadouts

  • Presentation

    Mission Date June 08, 2016
    RDV on TeamSpeak 8.45pm
    Team Speak address ts.ofcra.org PW: mineisbiggerthanyours
    Arma 3.sync repo Url: ftp://game.ofcra.org/master ; Port: 21 ; Login: Anonymous

    114 Players mission (57vs57)

    Required Addons

    @CUP Terrains
    @Isla Duala A3
    @Panthera A3


    It s getting hot this sumer on Duala Island, both factions (Molatia and Afrene) are about to declare war to each other. And they want to take over a Dmz on the west part of the Island.
    The US watching the situation gradually deterioring between each beligerents decided to send a litle task force. It has the objectif to take over the DMZ to create a buffer between each states and prevent them to go threw this island acting as a DMZ.

    Russia having some interest with the Molatia (north), and suspecting the US to help their alies in the south to prepare an invasion of the north, decided to send a QRF. The VDV have been prevently deployed on the airport of Molatia. Accorded to informations, US forces are about to invade the DMZ at the morning and the Russian forces are preparing themself to repel the US assault.

    War is about to begin on this tiny island of the Idian ocean, and probably this litle conflict could escalate to a bigger one.

    Objectives and Points

    For a total for each side of 22 possible points.

    If one camp dominate the other one and have 20 more troops than the other, this one will gain 7 points as a bonus.

    US Objectives

    • 3 points: Control of the radio station
    • 3 points: control of Vestinga
    • 3 points: control of the castle
    • 2 points per MBT destroyed.
    • 4 points for destroying both IFV

    Russian Objectves:

    • 3 points:Control of the radio station
    • 3 points: control of Vestinga
    • 3 points: control of the castle
    • 2 points per MBT destroyed.
    • 4 points for destroying both IFV

    Rules and advises:

    • Revive time: 2mins
    • No respawn
    • No marker on the map
    • No ingame tchat
    • Mortar doesn't have artillery computer

    edit by Fusselwurm: I took the liberty to do a bit of formatting here. I hope you don't mind :)

  • Adler

    @Marez-12 Could you please check the date again. Do you really want to play on August 14?

  • It s june 8th sorry it was a misstake on the post

  • Adler

    Some additional info:

    • The addon folder "@OFCRA" contains Laxeman's Sound, TF47-Launcher, ZedeBoc (LAV), some compatability stuff, ST Map gestures, and some other little things.
    • Rules: The points are awarded to the team which holds an objective when the game ends.
    • There are no civilians or other AI on the server, only human players.
    • Russians and Americans have slightly different loadouts, weapons and vehicles, which create advantages and disadvantages. Example: Only US have a mortar, but Rus have a BRDM which has less fire-power than the mortar, but it is mobile.
    • Rules: "No markers on the map" means that we can plan our strategy offline and share screenshots of the map etc. When the game starts we have 15 minutes to wait at the spawn point. We can use this time to place markers on the map. When the time is over and we are allowed to leave the spawn area, no more markers can be placed on the map. If someone spots an enemy he will have communicate the position verbally. Reason is realism: Marez told me that the French use paper maps in the real world whrer you can draw markers, etc, but what you write on a map will not magically copy over to any other paper map. (I said that with German maps this is not a problem but he doesn't want to change the rules of the game - so no map markers in mid-mission!)

  • Adler

    I edited the date to avoid confusion.

  • I'm going to add this on arma World :D

  • Führung

    paper maps is an interesting concept! is this feature protected by a script or based on fairplay?

  • Based on fairplay

  • HI!
    Me and maybe some other guys from Spezialeinheit-Luchs would like to join Gruppe Adler in this fight :)
    How many slots do you have, Alpha-Kilo?

  • Adler

    That's great. We have 57 slots in total for you,Gruppe Adler and those who join via ArmAWorld. We will get a slotlist soon, then we can start to reserve our slots.

  • Adler

    Hier ein Kartenausschnitt: http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2016/20/1463849403-arma3-2016-05-21-18-49-35-64.png Man erkennt die Missionsziele auf einer Insel, die von Norden und Süden auf dem Landweg nur über Brücken zugänglich ist. Die entmilitarisierte Zone verhindert den Zugang zur gegnerischen Basis über das Festland. Beide Mannschaften sollen über Boote verfügen.

  • Oh just one thing , I will have the complete informations today, but you can't take other mod like JSRS or Blastcore, you have to stick on our modset :D

  • One change:
    Now we have an autoconfig for arma 3.sync: ftp://game.ofcra.org/master/.a3s/autoconfig

  • http://ofcrav2.org/briefing/index.php?id=160607
    Here are the complete informations
    PW: backfire

  • Adler

    One little thing, in your overview it says "Mission Date 06/14/2016"

  • Misstake from me but the date is still 8th june, I asked him to change that