2021-09-13, Mo, COOP, Mike Force (Beta) [VN][2302]

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    Mike force is currently in beta, and still under constant development!


    Mike Force

    Take back Vietnam from the communists! Four specialist U.S. teams co-operate to build bases and destroy the VC in this unique, intense, persistent mission.

    Vietnam has been infiltrated by communist forces from the North! Choose one of four specialist teams, and co-operate to build bases, expand capability and find and destroy the enemy in this unique, intense, combined arms, conquest mission.

    To survive in the jungle, you will need food, water and medicine, tools for building, and a lot of ammo! Earn rank points and medals completing tasks in order to unlock better equipment and support!

    • Join the Armored Cavalry (ACAV) team to build Forward Operating Bases (FOB's) and run the gauntlet in truck convoys bringing essential supplies.

    • Join the Green Hornets team to transport men and materials to remote outposts or directly into a hot LZ on the battlefield, or fly Close Air Support (CAS).

    • Join Mike Force team to patrol the jungles, mountains, rivers, swamps and streets, sweeping for enemy camps and fighting positions, and garrison the FOB's when they come under relentless attack from the VC!

    • Join the Spike Team to operate deep in enemy territory, to destabilise the enemy by locating and destroying their facilities.

    An intelligent AI commander ensures that no mission is ever the same in this persistent, challenging, dynamic and immersive Vietnam experience! Time to Get some!


    @Enhanced Movement Rework
    @jsrs soundmod


    Key Action
    H Open Task Roster
    6 Interact wiht Duty Officer / Mapboard / Supply Officer / Buildings / Earplugs
    7 Turn off interaction overlay
    N Open building menu
    Mouse wheel Used for building selection
    LMB Used for cycling between building rotation, horizontal movement and height
    TAB Hand signals radial menu
    Double click on food/drink items in inventory Consume food / drink

    Steam Workshop (muss nicht abonniert werden, nur für Interessierte):


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    Ich streame heute nicht, aber bestimmt kann man bei Odyssey zuschauen.

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    War richtig gut heute :)
    Flug in der Nacht!


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