2020-07-31, Fr, Public Op @ 3CB - Operation Dragon's Teeth II (19:30 BST)

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    Author: Sánta & JoeEmp
    Zeus: Sánta, JoeEmp
    Map: Tanoa
    Modset: Public Modset
    Time: Mission start: 1100 hrs local (0300 hrs ZULU)
    Weather: Full overcast, medium rain, light winds.
    Temps: 27 – 29°C
    Chance of rain: 100%
    IED / Mine threat: None


    In five days, Sulawesi managed to gain control over the island of Katkoula and began pushing onto the island of Balavu. The recently arrived British and US troops in Balavu began an immediate counterattack at dawn to take out the momentum of the Sulawesian offensive. The attack turned out to be a success as it caught the Sulawesians off-guard who could not deploy their forces in time to react effectively. The joint British-American task force was able to push deep into occupied territory, crossing the large bridge connecting the islands of Balavu and Katkoula, and destroying the HQ element of the 1st Sulawesian Mechanized Battalion.

    A few hours after this thrust, the British-American troops were tasked to carry on with their counterattack in an attempt to cripple the Sulawesian Army’s C2 elements and to force them to cease any offensive manoeuvres. The troops will be splitting up with the aim of capturing both ports on the island of Katkoula, thus cutting the Sulawesians off from any future reinforcements.


    Sulawesian Mechanized Battalion. The American Stryker troop is tasked with pushing east and capturing the village of Savaka, where a Sulawesian marine battalion began constructing a portable harbour. The British troops will head south and capture the town of Katkoula. The town holds the largest port of the island and the Sulawesians are getting the majority of their supplies and additional forces through there.

    The HQ Company of the 1st Sulawesian Mechanized Regiment also set up their base of operations in this town, they are believed to be the main command element coordinating the whole invasion. Destroying these command elements would deal a huge blow to the Sulawesians and it would provide us with valuable intel on the actual strength and disposition of the enemy forces in the region.

    This town has strategic importance to the Sulawesians so they will do everything to defend or recapture it. Expect a constant stream of enemy reinforcements from the south-west. Once the town is captured, we are to hold it until additional friendly units arrive and reinforce us.

    imgFigure 1. Map of the islands of Balavu and Katkoula with recent troop movements marked.


    1. Clear the town of Katkoula of Sulawesian forces and capture the port
    2. Perform SSE on any command infrastructure
    3. Defend the town


    1 Troop is to head out from Rally Point Charlie and begin their attack on the town of Katkoula. 1 Troop is to sweep the whole town and look for enemy command elements. However, the port remains the most important objective and taking it should have priority.

    Once the town is secured, 1 Troop is to set up for defence, expecting enemy reinforcements arriving from the south-west. 1 Troop is to hold the town until reinforcements arrive.

    Due to the critical infrastructure inside Katkoula, ROE has been altered and using HE is now prohibited inside the town centre and the port.


    1st Mechanized Regiment, Sulawesian Army:

    Well-trained and well-equipped conventional forces. All units are mechanized and are able to fight independently. The largest limitations of the Sulawesi Army are the lack of combat experience and mediocre C2 infrastructure, especially when it comes to joint operations.

    Strength, composition, disposition:
    A regiment-sized invasion force landed on the island of Katkoula six days ago, they are spread out throughout the island, controlling all major points of interest. 1st Battalion has been crippled by the British-American counterattack and the remaining forces pulled back to the town of Katkoula. 2nd Battalion is believed to be in the process of repositioning to Katkoula in order to assist defending it. The Regiment’s HQ element began reinforcing the town, setting up defensive positions and roadblocks.


    • Unified military fatigues, plate carriers
    • Small arms, rocked propelled grenade launchers
    • Static heavy weapons (HMGs, ATGMs)
    • No artillery confirmed
    • Watercraft: Armed RHIBs
    • Ground vehicles: Mix of older and brand new wheeled armoured fighting vehicles, including tank destroyers
    • Aviation: Fixed-wing air cover and CAS, helicopters are inoperational for now

    Enemy intent: Capturing the Horizon Islands and establishing dominance over the Celebes Sea

    Morale: High


    Alpha Company, 40 Commando, 3 Commando Brigade:
    One troop-sized element under the leadership of 1-0A, supported by two FV510 Warrior IFVs from Alma Company, 1st Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment. Standard MTP gear.


    • 2x FV510 Warriors (for fire support)
    • 2x Jackal 2 per section
    • 1x Coyote for Troop HQ


    • Section supplies in the vehicles
    • Additional supplies can be ferried in by a US Stryker

    Support: Limited air support by CVW-5 – the airspace is contested

    Reinforcements: CTP tent carried by Troop

    1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division:
    American infantry equipped with Stryker APCs, they will head east and capture the village of Savaka.


    • Weapon Control Order: Weapons free on any uninformed individual.
    • You may enter any compound or personal building.
    • Limit HE in built-up areas, avoid HE in the town centre.
    • Civilian casualties are to be avoided.
    • EPWs are to be handed over to Coy for questioning.


    • Low in the AO.
    • Most civilians were evacuated but a few still remain on the island.
    • The CIVPOP disapproves the Sulawesian invasion and may turn hostile towards them.

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