2020-06-26, Fr, Coop Operation Hyena @3CB 20:30 (19:30 British Time)

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    SITUATION (Road to crisis - RTC):
    The Boko Haram insurgency has been ongoing in Nigeria since 2009 with various levels of intensity as a result of religious violence between Nigeria's Muslim and Christian communities in the early 2000s. Initially, the conflict took place only in the north-eastern state of Borno but after years of fighting, the insurgents became increasingly aggressive, and started to seize large areas in north-eastern Nigeria. The violence escalated dramatically in 2014 when Boko Haram drastically expanded its territories. At the same time, the insurgency spread to neighbouring Cameroon, Chad, and Niger, thus becoming a major regional conflict. In 2015 the group aligned itself with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), with Boko Haram becoming the "Islamic State's West Africa Province" (ISWAP). The insurgent group's ultimate aim is to establish an Islamic state in the region.

    The insurgents were driven back during the 2015 West African offensive by a Nigeria-led coalition of African and Western states which resulted in a split of the Jihadists with some groups supporting the original Boko Haram under the leadership of Abubakar Shekau, whilst others are siding with Abu Musab al-Barnawi of ISWAP. The two factions consequently fought against each other while waging insurgencies against the local governments. The following years had seen the further decline of Boko Haram and the loss of much of the territory it once reportedly controlled. The United Kingdom is providing training to the Nigerian Army since 2014 with the aim of improving the Nigerian Armed Forces’ readiness. The British government is also providing financial aid to Nigeria to ease the effects of the humanitarian crisis caused by the long-lasting conflict.

    After a period of reversals, Boko Haram and ISWAP launched new offensives in 2018 and 2019, again growing in strength. Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari was re-elected earlier this year after boasting about his progress battling Boko Harm. He has repeatedly declared that the group has been “technically defeated.” But this was far from true, Boko Haram militants were still roaming the countryside with impunity, being able to conduct hit-and-run attacks on government forces and carry out suicide bombings and mass shootings in densely populated areas. In June 2019, Boko Haram and ISWAP signed a truce and formed an alliance to revitalize their insurgency and to be able to carry out larger-scale attacks. The summer offensive of 2019 caught the Nigerian Army off-guard, the troops were ill-equipped and too exhausted to effectively react to the swift Jihadist advance. By August 2019, the Nigerian Army was at the brink of collapse, thus the president asked for international assistance in order to maintain control and avoid another humanitarian crisis.

    The United Kingdom has responded to this call with the British Parliament approving a British military intervention against the Boko Haram threat. Elements of the Joint Rapid Reaction Force were mobilized at once with 40 Commando, 3 Commando Brigade being the first combat unit arriving to Nigeria in September 2019. The Royal Marines were forward-deployed to the city of Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State with further elements of the British Army and Royal Air Force following them. Alpha Coy. established an FOB outside the town of Marwey, which is just 20kms away from the frontline.

    Three days ago Boko Haram launched a new attack against the flanks of the Nigerian Army. Alpha Coy. moves out from FOB Marwey to meet the Boko Haram attack head-on before the whole Nigerian flank collapses.

    A well-thought-out deception operation to the north of Marwey drew away most of the quick reaction elements of the Nigerian Army. The British units at FOB Marwey were held in reserve when the first Boko Haram units entered the AO from the west. The small Nigerian outposts in their way were quickly overwhelmed. Now Alpha Coy. is the only combat-ready unit in the AO that’s capable of reacting to the Jihadist attack from the west.

    In an attempt to encircle Marwey, the main attacking force diverted towards Ari Boudoumiri and they continued to push towards Damaram. Currently the only friendly unit standing between Damaram and the Boko Haram advance is 3rd Platoon, Delta Company of the local Nigerian battalion in the village of Kawiya Moustapha. The British forces are sent there to help the Nigerians repel the attack before it’s too late. After taking a quick break at Mianmi due to a puncture, Alpha Coy. prepares to continue their march towards the frontline.

    The British objective is to stall the Boko Haram attack as long as other Nigerian forces can be scrambled to move in and assist. However, if the British are able to repel the insurgents, then they are ordered to launch a counterattack immediately to push back the frontline and give some breathing room for the Nigerian forces. A Boko Haram field HQ has been identified in the village of Ari Boudoumiri, neutralizing that will most likely thwart the encircling attempt, forcing the Jihadists to fall back and reorganize.

    Bild Text
    Figure 1. Map of the AO with the frontline, friendly and enemy positions marked.


    1. Repel the attack on Kawiya Moustapha
    2. Clear the village of Kawiya Maloumdi
    3. Clear the village of Kawiya Lawan Boukar
    4. Destroy the Boko Haram HQ at Ari Boudoumiri

    1 Troop is to move out with their vehicles from their holding point at Mianmi towards the village of Kawiya Moustapha currently under Boko Haram attack. Once they arrive at Kawiya Moustapha, 1 Troop is to regroup with Nigerian Army defences and dig in, holding the village as long as possible. If the Boko Haram attack is too powerful, 1 Troop may fall back to the village of Kawiya Gambori until Nigerian reinforcements from Samari arrive.

    Once the Boko Haram attack loses its momentum, 1 Troop is to conduct a swift counterattack towards the village of Ari Boudoumiri in order to cripple the Boko Haram forces in the area, preventing them from regrouping and conducting future attacks. 1 Troop is to sweep and clear the villages of Kawiya Maloumdi and Kawiya Lawan Boukar on their way, looking for possible weapons caches or intel.

    1 Troop is to assist the Nigerian Army and the local population by any means possible. Boko Haram is known for “cleansing” whole villages so the protection of the civilians is paramount.

    Any captured Nigerian Army property is either to be returned or destroyed to avoid getting into enemy hands again.

    Bild Text
    Figure 2. Detailed map of the frontline with friendly and enemy manoeuvres marked.

    Bild Text
    Figure 3. The Boko Haram controlled part of the AO with the Boko Haram HQ marked in Ari Boudoumiri.

    Bild Text
    Figure 4. Image of the Boko Haram massacre in Biri Boula after they captured the town two days ago.


    Mission start:- 1700 hrs local (1600 hrs ZULU)


    Light clouds & minor gusts of wind.
    Temps: 30-34°C
    Chance of rain: >25%

    IED / Mine threat:



     Juliet Company, 40 Commando, 3 Commando Brigade:
     One troop sized element under the leadership of 1-0A with two Warrior IFVs attached from 1st Battalion, Mercian Regiment. Standard MTP gear.
     1st Battalion, 21 Brigade, 7th Infantry Division, Nigerian Army:
     Mechanized elements of the Nigerian 7th Infantry Division spread across the region. Limited ammunition and supplies, in disarray due to recent defeats, morale is low.


    Boko Haram:
    Also known as Islamic State's West Africa Province after 2015. Well-equipped, seasoned, fanatic fighters with adequate training. Their organization, gear and loadout is superior to the local forces of the Nigerian Army. Financial support and supplies come from sister-cells in Chad, Niger and Cameroon. It’s one of the deadliest terror groups in the world. Despite past decline, their renewed offensive is gaining ground quickly. Their favourite methods are still bombings and hit-and-run attacks.

    Strength, composition, disposition:
    Total numbers are unknown but according to recent Nigerian Army estimates, the amount of insurgents in the area exceeds 1500. They are almost entirely motorized with some armoured assets in the form of captured Nigerian heavy equipment. According to Nigerian reports, the ongoing offensive is conducted by a force of 300-400 men, the remaining insurgents are spread out in the AO as reserve.


    • Mix of civilian and military clothing – shemaghs are very common
    • Small arms, rocket propelled grenade launchers
    • Limited amount of static heavy weapons (HMGs, recoilless rifles)
    • Nigerian forces were receiving semi-accurate 82mm mortar fire before the last attack – we assume the mortar is deployed to Ari Boudoumiri
    • The troops are in radio-contact with each other
    • Ground vehicles: Armed technicals, armoured personnel carriers, BMP-1s – most captured from the Nigerian Army
    • Aviation: Commercial drones used for observation

    Enemy intent: Breaking through the Nigerian lines, capturing the district centre of Marwey, establishing Sharia law on captured territory.

    Morale: High.


    Section supplies in the vehicles
    Additional supplies can be delivered by 4-3


    Nigerian Mi-35P – On standby (has to be approved by Nigerian commander)
     RAF Typhoons with 500 lb Paveway IV PGMs – On station after 30 minutes


    CTP tent carried by Troop.


    Weapon Control Order: Hold fire unless fired upon or if he/she is likely to commit an act to endanger life.
    You may enter any compound and building to search but inform any civilian present of your intentions.
    Avoid HE in built-up areas
    Civilian casualties are to be avoided.


    Medium in the AO.
    Half of the civilians are locals, the others are internally displaced persons fleeing from violence.
    The civilians are condemning the Boko Haram violence, some are willing to take arms to defend their lives.

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