2020-04-24, FR, 3CB Public Op - Operation Catherine VII @ 20:30 CET

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    Operation Catherine VII: Friday 24th April @ 20:30 CET

    Author: JoeEmp
    Zeus: JoeEmp


    Public Modset

    SITUATION (Road to crisis - RTC):

    After the Winter War of 1939-1940, the Finnish Government signed the Moscow Peace Treaty, forcing them to cede border areas to the Soviet Union. One of these border areas included nearly all of Finnish Karelia. With Karelia considered the heart and origin of the Finnish culture, this became a major source of grief for many Finns & as a result began "The Karelian Question". With many Finnish civilians being stuck on the Soviet side of this split and with no way to return to Finland, nothing could be done but to just integrate into the Soviet Union.

    After 70 years of this split & the Finnish people now integrated into Russia, the people living in this area want all of Karelia reunited to fully form the Republic of Karelia. With supporters for this formation on both sides of the border, tension has been rising in the region. Unbeknownst to the Finnish Government the local military bases, situated in Karelia also see this as a worthwhile cause & have started to supply equipment and weapons to the supporters of this movement.

    Last week a protest located at Virojoki, turned violent causing the local police to use force against the protestors. With this dramatic increase of violence, the local military decided to turn their passive support to a violent one & took over the town and the surrounding area. The following day these forces of the "Socialist Republic" have now begun their push West to fully secure the Karelian peninsula as to cement their claim of the area. With this push, these soldiers have begun to engage actively with the Finnish Soldiers trying to retake this area. With this turn of events, the Finnish Government has turned to its ally's for assistance.


    With successful advances of the 51st Infantry Brigade to our North, 3 Commando Brigade has been dispatched to secure the peninsula. With this order, 3CB has decided to re-role Juliet Company to take this peninsula by conducting landings on the SW side of the island to begin clearing it. Also, Brigade HQ has pulled ASG from up north to support Juliet Company by pushing them across the Flotilla bridge built earlier that morning by the Royal Engineers.

    As well as clearing the Peninsular Juliet Company has been tasked to Locate & Destroy an Enemy SSM Battery & Radar Installations as to let the RN to move ships into the Gulf of Finland and to be able to support 51st Inf Brigade push in the North.

    Bild Text
    Figure 1. Map of the AO.


    1. Clear & Secure the Peninsular.
    2. Locate & Destroy the suspected Enemy SSM Battery.
    3. Locate & Destroy the suspected Enemy Radar Installation.


    Bild Text
    Figure 2. 24 Engineer Regiment upon the completion of the Pontoon Bridge.

    Bild Text
    Figure 3. State of Affairs of the Finnish-Karalian War.

    Infil:- 0300 hrs local (0100 hrs ZULU)


    Expected cloud & minor gusts of wind.
    Temps: 4-10°C
    Chance of rain: >20%

    IED / Mine threat:
    Light at this moment due to sporadic contacts of mines during 51st Inf Brigades pushes in the North.


    Juliet Company, 42 Commando, 3 Commando Brigade:
    One Company sized element under the leadership of 0-A. Standard MTP gear.

    Armoured Support Group, 3 Commando Brigade:
    One Troop sized Mechanized Unit. Attached to Juliet Company. Standard MTP gear.

    24 Engineer Regiment, 3 Commando Brigade:
    Light Mechanized, Engineer Roled Unit. Standard MTP gear.


    Pro-Karalian Forces:

    Well-trained army with a mix of Russian and American equipment.
    Majority of forces are Infantry & Motorized, but some Armour (light and heavy) can be expected.
    Suspected inactive air force is situated at Virojoki Airfield.
    Disposition of enemy forces is unknown, but anticipate concentrations around military & civilian infrastructure.


    Section supplies at the Command Vehicles. 
    Additional supplies located at Battalion HQ.


    Due to the quickness of our deployment to the AO, Battalion has had to prioritise front line equipment over support units, & as such will be arriving later on in the day. 


    CTP tent carried by Troop Commanders.


    Weapon Control Order: Hold fire unless fired upon or if he/she is likely to commit an act to endanger life.
    You may enter any compound and building to search but inform any civilian present of your intentions.
    Avoid HE in built-up areas
    Civilian casualties are to be avoided.


    Low in the AO.
    All of the civilians are locals.

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    Die Missionen bei 3cb sind sehr gut. Kann es nur jedem empfehlen, da mal mitzuspielen. :thumbsup:

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    Slots kommen noch ? Oder bei denen auf der Seite?

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    Letztes Mal wurde uns vor Spielstart ein Team zugewiesen. Führung macht 3cb.

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    Sorry, schaffs zeitlich heute nicht wegen Arbeit, werde erst frühestens um 21.30 Uhr wieder daheim sein :(

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