2020-02-28, Fr, OP Black Garden @3CB 21:00 (20:00 British Time)

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    3CB lädt zum public Abend ein, falls jemand Interesse hat.


    nur public server repo




    21:00 Uhr Deutsche Zeit




    The conflict in the Balkans has escalated over the past few months, to the point where NATO forces are being deployed against a communist-backed conscript army. The communist army holds over half of the country with the opposing government forces relying entirely on NATO for their existence.

    Intelligence reports coupled with satellite and drone photography show a steady buildup of manpower and resources. A large push to the seize control of the entire country is anticipated by the communists within the week.

    3 Commando Brigade have been deployed into a heavily forested region, to conduct a raid on enemy supplies and infrastructure. By conducting a series of such raids, the hope is to destabilise the upcoming offensive.


    1 Troop, 3CB, are to conduct a search and destroy mission to deny the enemy both fuel and munitions in their upcoming offensive. Overnight they moved into their Patrol Harbour to the SW of the AO.

    Intelligence reports indicate that the supplies are located within the main lines of the enemy forces


    • Destroy all fuel depots
    • Destroy all ammo dumps

    Destroying more than 50% of enemy supplies is considered a win condition

    Local Assets

    Attachments - 81 mm mortar battery

    The mortar team will have 1 x Land Rover, no other vehicles are available.


    Supplies are limited so all bergens have been heavily packed.

    Mortars have 300 rounds of mixed ammo available.

    Limited supplies may be retrieved from enemy bunkers and ammo dumps



    Weiterführende Infos hier: https://www.3commandobrigade.com/viewtopic.php?f=102&t=12226

    Ansprechpartner ist JoeEmp.

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    @nomisum hast du mal das Repo für die Mission. Ich habe es leider nicht mehr gespeichert. Danke.

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  • Führung

    Startzeit und TS Server IP hinzugefügt.

    Ich bin selber nicht da an dem Abend. JoeEmp ist Ansprechpartner auf Seiten 3CB, er ist auch in deren Discord aktiv (https://discord.gg/CcM6ybg)

  • Muss mich wegen Arbeit abmelden. Sorry Jungs

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