BDR Clan presentation (TvT/coop events, ATC, Rolling Thunder)

  • Hello all,

    here Nemesi from BDR Clan, me and Alpha-Kilo know each other since a long time ago, but now I would like to present our group and activities in your forum, hoping to start a good cooperation between our teams.

    We run large scale campaigns and events like ATC and Rolling Thunder, but also enjoy small TvTs where we emphasize the replayability (random objectives) and the tactical aspects of the mission, realistic objectives and environment with some role-playing. Some examples are here but more are to come.

    I wish to say greetings to all of you and looking forward to meeting you in game in the next future.

    All best,

    Nemesi from BDR Clan

    TS3 address: no password

  • Führung

    Hi Nemesi, welcome!

    I love the concept and replayability/randomizing approach of your missions, very similar to my own style.

    Looking forward to our first match!

  • Thanks Nomisum! Looking forward too!

  • Hello All!

    Let me take this occasion to wish you all a Happy New Year!

    We are now organising Rolling Thunder #19, there are still slots if you are interested, due to a sudden withdrew of a group, so I'm asking all potentially interested for a replacement.

    And we have still our milsim TvT to organise! So I hope we can do it in the new year!

    All best

    Nemesi (BDR Clan)

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