2020-08-28, Fr, Public Op @ 3CB - Operation Waystone (19:30 BST)

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    Author: Operation Capital Team
    Zeus: JoeEmp, Samcot & Noodles
    Map: Malden
    Modset: Public Modset
    Time: Infil: 0520 hrs local (0220 hrs ZULU)
    Weather: Expected cloud & gusts of wind from the sea
    Temps: 15 – 25°C
    Chance of rain: >10%
    IED / Mine threat: Suspected light to medium close to the AAF border in locations of terrain exploitation.


    For many years there has been a growing sentiment that the deployment of Greek troops across the Republic of Malden is no longer needed. Longstanding divided public opinion led to protests throughout January of 2014 calling for an end to what was seen as a collection of soft politicians. The protests turned violent on the 7th of February 2014. A group of Greek soldiers travelling from the main airbase were blocked by protesters; the situation escalated and shots were fired resulting in two dead and multiple wounded, including two soldiers. In under two days violent protests across the island overwhelmed the local police force and armed protesters began massing near the airbase.

    In the early hours of Sunday the 9th of February 2014 additional Greek troops arrived at the airbase and immediately moved outwards occupying local towns and detaining any opposition. Within hours of the additional Greek troops deploying on Malden, the Republic of Altis and Stratis issued a statement demanding the immediate removal of all Greek forces and began deploying troops to the south of Malden at the request of the political opposition. By midday on the 10th of February, before the wider international community was fully aware of the situation unfolding across Malden, both the AAF and Greek forces had advanced across the island entrenching along the island. Light engagements across the divide evolved into prolonged fights in urban areas. By Friday the 14th, following increasing pressure for the conflict to stop, a temporary ceasefire was agreed and aid was brought in to the worst affected areas.

    In an attempt to de-escalate the situation the Greek government agreed to withdraw their forces with a UN backed, British lead peacekeeping task force arrived under the name Operation Waystone to prevent any further AAF advances.

    Over the following months the ceasefire remained, however no progress was made to bring lasting peace. The AAF remained in the south of the island and stood by their demand for control over the whole island until the current government, now exclusively active in the North was replaced.


    Four years later the situation is almost entirely unchanged. The scale of Operation Waystone has increased and a large area down the middle of Malden is now unoccupied. Under terms agreed when the Buffer Zone was created, neither side will construct within or permanently occupy the zone resulting in regular foot patrols from both sides, suspiciously monitoring the others activities.


    Kilo Company is on rotation to patrol in the Buffer Zone. This week the focus of foot patrols are the towns of Arudy & Dourdan. 0-A has tasked 1 Troop to enter through Checkpoint Cayman then patrol Arudy and 2 Troop to enter through Checkpoint Gibraltar then patrol Dourdan. At their respective checkpoints, they are to dismount and conduct their foot patrols of the Buffer Zone & ensure no permanent enemy occupation of or expansion into the Buffer Zone.
    Figure 1. Map of the AO.


    1. Patrol the Buffer Zone.
    2. Ensure no permanent Enemy Occupation of the Buffer Zone.


    Figure 2. Troops from 42 Commando patrol the Buffer Zone.

    Figure 3. State of affairs on the island of Malden.


    Kilo Company, 42 Commando:

    • Company sized element under the leadership of 0A.
    • Standard MTP gear.

    Alpha Company, 3 PWRR:

    • Light infantry Roled Unit.
    • Standard MTP Gear.

    Charlie Company, 3 PWRR:

    • Light infantry Roled Unit.
    • Standard MTP Gear.


    Altis Armed Forces

    • Well-trained army with a majority of Russian equipment.
    • Majority of forces are infantry & motorized, but some light armour can be expected.
    • Disposition of enemy forces is unknown, but known significant presence around the border & in the Buffer Zone.


    • None in the Buffer Zone.
    • All of the civilians are locals & are supportive of their respective protectorates.



    • Section supplies in the Land Rovers
    • Additional supplies located at Checkpoints.


    • None.


    • CTP tent carried by Troop.


    • Weapon Control Order: Hold fire unless fired upon or if he/she is likely to commit an act to endanger life.
    • You may enter any compound and building to search inside the Buffer Zone.
    • Under no circumstances are troops permitted to cross the AAF border.
    • Avoid HE in built-up areas
    • Civilian casualties are to be avoided.

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